Rent a Gear


Camping Tents

02 Men : INR 300/- ( 01 day )

04 Men : INR 500/- ( 01 day )

Easily Assemble and Dismantle Capacity: 195 X 210cm Space Lightweight and Easily portable Excellent Ventilation and Quality Wind & Water resistant


Trekking Poles

01 Stick : INR 50/- ( 01 day )

These 300 grams strong collapsible aluminum pole with shock absorber is very durable, study with great grip, Trekking Hiking Poles 135 cms, Very Sturdy and Stable, Great Cork Grip, Compact Weight.



60L Rucksacks : INR 200/- ( 01 day )

25L Rucksacks : INR 100/- ( 01 day )

CAPACITY 60 Litre, FRAME Internal frame with hard fibre support and aluminum rod, USAGE Ideal for hiking/ backpacking for 8-12 days, FABRIC MATERIAL Water-Repellant PU Coated Polyester.


Sleeping Bags

01 Sleeping Bags : INR 200/- ( 01 day )

10 Degree comfortable rating, ie can be used with minimal layering uptil 10 Degree Celcius temperature. Can be used in 5 Degree Celcius with winter layering. Ideal for trekking, camping and army personnel.


Sleeping Mats

01 Sleeping Mat : INR 100/- ( 01 day )

Trekking Hiking Camping Close cell Carry Mat 5 mm, Some kind of insulation is essential to prevent heat loss when sleeping on snow or cold ground.


Trekking Shoes

01 Men Trekking Shoes : INR 300/- ( 01 day )

01 Women Trekking Shoes: INR 250/- ( 01 day )

HIGH ANKLE Trekking Shoes Anti-Skid Hiking shoes Slip resistant mountain boots, a hiking boot with anti skid Gum soles provide you better protection from slipping on the wet and muddy mossy terrain.


Trekking Jacket

Men Jacket : INR 200/- ( 01 day )

Women Jacket : INR 200/- ( 01 day )

5 DEGREE COMFORT - Comfortable for upto -5 Degree Celcius hence making it ideal for high altitude treks or for using in very cold or snow weather, FABRIC - Soft and silky nylon fabric for utmost comfort with water repellent characteristics to sustain mild rainfall


Trekking Pants

01 Trekking Pants: INR 200/- ( 01 day )

These pants are loaded with features to help you navigate the hardest of trails, trakking, hike, camp, explore, bike; and seamlessly transition back to the city life.


Trekking Sunglasses

01 Sunglasses : INR 100/- ( 01 day )

This product comes with a hard plastic box and soft anti flint lens cleaner cloth, Specially benefits in poor weather conditions. protect your eye even at night.

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