himalayan lizard team members.
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Himalayan Lizard is a tour and trek organization. It’s organizing local treks and tours. People are to be safe at their destination. Here, you are provided with good arrangements. To stay here, you can get clean camping tents and a healthy food culture. We have a local guide and a certified expert instructor (tracker). Those who have good knowledge and experience in this field. 

There are a lot of interesting stories behind the Himalayan lizard. It took almost two years to make this. Its founder and CEO, Ankit Singh, has about 10 years of experience in tourism. His background is nothing special, but he had to struggle a lot to get into the adventure. He wanted the name Uttarakhand to be top of the world with travel and adventure, and he wanted people to find work here so that our state could grow. For the idea or name behind the word “Himalayan Lizard,” he is believed to have the support of Senior Sir (mentor) Virender Noutiyal. He is also its co-founder. A discussion was going on on this matter for a long time. that the Himalayas should be given a name.